The Christy story stretches all the way back to 1850, when our Manchester cotton mill began weaving the softest bath towels the world had ever seen.

From that day to this, we’ve been filling homes with unmistakably British products, designed with love and made to last.

First to create and distribute the terry-towel in the UK and invent ‘The Loom’ that produced the terry towelling, we pride ourselves on the continuation of our high-quality and innovative products.

In the 1800s, Manchester’s cotton mills were transforming the city into a thriving industrial centre. It was here that the Christy family diversified from making hats into weaving towels, premium cotton sheets and linens for bathrooms and bedrooms all over the world.

We have continued to design beautiful quality products at our home in Manchester, taking inspiration from the world around us. Never forgetting our values; remembering our great heritage and developing British designed products which enhance our customers lives.