As an interiors writer, stylist and occasional designer, I spend pretty much all day every day looking at lovely houses, which is both a good and a bad thing when I’ve hardly decorated any rooms in my new(ish) Essex home yet. 

A while back, I was on a TV programme called The Great Interior Design Challenge (you can find it on Netflix if you’ve never given it a watch), which is when I started talking and writing about my home online, but my style has changed a lot since that time. I love a good neutral scheme now, but always try to add something to give it some character and life. 

I like to get hands on with my decorating, and am up for giving any DIY challenge a go - I just have to work around the little ones, Jack Russell crosses Pearl and Nancy, who have to stick their noses (and paws) in and get in the middle of whatever I’m doing.

Office/Guest Room

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Introduction To Luke’s Room Revamp

Week 1 Update

Week 2 Update

Week 3 Update

The Reveal