Lust Living was created when I bought my current house in Derbyshire four years ago and pursued my passion for creating liveable spaces centred around minimal design with a touch of hygge (and a lot of gold).  After a year of renovating, I decided to share what I was doing online but never though anyone would read it!

Two years after Lust Living was born and I still haven’t finished renovating, and don’t think I ever will - I’m forever changing things, which as you can probably imagine, my fiancé is always thrilled about. But I don’t think a home is ever really complete - so for the next few years at least, I’ll be continuing my home makeover with Matt and my two piglets (also known as dogs).

Fun fact, a few years ago, I hated pink, now there isn’t a room in my home that you won’t find it featured in! 

The Living Room

RRR Moodboard Lust Living.jpg

Olivia's Revamp Plans