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Our 1930’s Fixer Upper’ is a home décor and lifestyle blog that was launched in January 2018 following the positive response to Ross & Ian’s Instagram page of the same name. 

Detailing the renovation and development of their run-down 1930s period property in Reading, Ross and Ian have organically amassed over 70,000 followers, taking them on a two year journey of extensions, room reveals and knock throughs while incorporating all the drama, bickering and comedy moments which comes hand in hand with so many house renovation projects.  

Ross and Ian’s interior style has often been described as industrial, with a touch of Scandi effortlessness. Offering design ideas and inspiration, they have used their Instagram account as a platform to display their ever-changing home whilst sharing their obsession for all things home and garden (even if they don’t always agree with each other!). Their blog provides a full and frank insight into what it takes to renovate your home on a budget and has helped many of their readers understand the current costs involved when undertaking a renovation project in 2019.

Although they have managed to complete the majority of the ‘larger’ projects within their home – including a single story extension and a full bathroom renovation - they are still yet to complete all phases of their renovation. Revamp Restyle Reveal is a great opportunity to revisit spaces in their home and use the knowledge they have gained in the last few years to develop two areas into much more practical and fulfilling spaces.

Ross and Ian are planning on revamping the entryway to their kitchen which, in their own words, is a tricky space which has never had much purpose or identity. They also plan to give their kitchen a mini facelift ensuring it links in perfectly with the revamp of the entryway to create a better overall flow between both spaces. Join the guys on their Revamp Restyle Reveal journey over the next four weeks to see how they get on.

Kitchen Entryway


Kitchen Update


Introduction To Ross & Ian’s Room Revamp

Week 1 Update

Week 2 Update

Week 3 Update

The Reveal